Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

A roof plays a vital role in protecting any commercial structure. Regular commercial roof maintenance will help to mitigate any potential problems that can cause damage to your building. Significant wear and tear can lead to a compromised roof. Keeping up with possible issues and proactively repairing them can prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Regular roof maintenance is beneficial no matter how old your commercial roof is. There are a lot of ways to extend a roof’s life, such as acrylic and silicone applications that are flexible and durable. These coatings seal the entire surface, including cracks or crevices. However, starting with solid maintenance is your best line of defense.

Items to Consider When Inspecting Your Roof System

As a commercial property owner, it’s important to inspect your buildings regularly. When it comes to roofing problems, there are some common signs your roof may need repairs or replacement. To help make the process easier, here are ten commercial roof maintenance tips and signs of potential roofing issues to be aware of.

1. Check for Visible Damage

Look for visible damage and large debris blocking your roof’s drainage system. Are there obvious signs of damage? Check for blocked or broken gutters and downspouts. Our team can immediately take care of these issues to help prevent future damage.

2. Create a Custom Toolkit

Create a toolkit with everything you need to inspect your roof. Include a checklist, roof plans and photos, a pencil and paper for taking notes, a camera for taking pictures of any damage, a tape measure, and a flashlight. 

3. Get Leaks Fixed Right Away

Ignoring a leaking roof is the worst thing a commercial building owner could do. Over time, a leak will only worsen and be more expensive to repair. It could cause all types of damage to your building, such as equipment or electrical damage. It also could cause your roof to collapse. Contact our roofing team immediately at the first indication that your commercial roof is compromised.

4. Check Your Roof after Bad Storms

Storms with high wind, hail or heavy snow can cause damage to your commercial roof that might go undetected until it becomes a significant issue. It is advisable to have a special inspection after major storms.

5. Prune Overhanging Tree Branches

Falling tree limbs can cause significant damage to any roof, so it’s best practice to have trees pruned regularly. Not only will this eliminate roof damage due to broken limbs, but it will also better keep your roof clear of falling leaves or nuts. On top of that, it’ll keep your roof from accumulating algae due to the lack of sun shining on your commercial roof.

6. Get Your Roof Inspected Twice a Year

It is highly advisable to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your commercial roof twice a year to identify any potential compromises to your roof. Have your roof inspected for any undetected leaks, cracks, sagging or weak spots. Have a roofer check for any possible problems around vents, skylights, eaves and joints. You will especially want to schedule an inspection before winter sets in to avoid confronting roofing issues during freezing temperatures.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

7. Check for Leaks

Are there any visible leaks? Where are they located? Leaks should be addressed as soon as they are discovered. They can lead to rot, mold, or structural damage if left unrepaired. Take pictures to document the locations of any problem areas, and then call a professional roofer for an inspection. Moving to the roof, now, you can look for these signs that it is time to call our roofing team.

8. Avoid Walking on the Roof

The least amount of traffic on your commercial roof, the better. Consider installing walk pads that will stabilize the roof and prevent lasting damage. This can also lengthen the lifespan of your roof.

9. Keep A Maintenance Log

Having a history of activity when it comes to roof maintenance and repairs can be valuable. Keeping a maintenance log is a good management tool and can be helpful when making repairs or selling your property. 

In your log, keep a record of who goes up onto your roof, when they are on the roof (date and time), where they were on the roof, and why they were there (maintenance, inspection, repairs, etc).

10. Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean

Maintaining a clean roof can help avoid a buildup of debris that can lead to clogs, algae, or mold growth. Any of these issues can shorten the life span of your roof. Having regular cleanings and making sure all equipment is clear of debris will protect your commercial investment for the long haul.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

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