Roof Installation

Roof Installations in Memphis, TN

The installation of your roofing system is the most vital aspect when deciding which roofing contractor to hire. At Pinnacle roofing, it is our highest priority to install products to manufacturer specifications. Here are the key aspects of every high quality roofing system we install.

1. Roof deck protection:

A high quality synthetic roof felt is very important for protecting your roof deck. This protective layer is made up of the materials that are placed under the roofing shingles, offering a lighter, water and radiation-resistant barrier for the roof deck.

These materials make for a more efficient water barrier without the factoring of mass, meaning that the sheets are significantly thinner and lighter compared to felt paper roofing underlayment.

2. Leak Barriers:

The most common type of leak barrier is called ice and water shield. Used under standard asphalt shingles, an ice and water shield will effectively resist water penetration in rainy or wintry weather. We use it mostly around vents, chimneys, skylights and valleys.

The use of these leak barriers separates the superior roofing contractor from the average roofer. We use leak barriers anywhere that water tends to collect and flow as an extra step in the roofing process. This ensures a leak-free roof for many years.

3. Starter strip shingles:

One of the most common sources of failure in a roof system is the improper installation of starter shingles. This is one of the most skipped accessories on a roof system because home owners tend to not know what starter strip shingles are and how important they are for a complete roofing system.

The truth is, the starter course is very important, especially for wind resistance. Starter strip shingles are the first line of defense against wind uplift along the edges of a roof. Our Memphis roofing team never skips this step!

4. Proper shingle nailing:

Nailing errors, such as under-driven or angled nails, can cause future problems with your shingles: everything from premature failure and blistering to blow-offs. Nail type, location, length, angle, and force of application are all critical to installing shingles. Every Pinnacle Roofing team member takes their time when installing nails to ensure the job is done correctly.

Another very important aspect of shingle nailing is the amount of nails each shingle gets. Our Memphis roofing team always installs 6 nails per shingle. This allows a higher wind rating on the manufacturer warranty and is another small way that we go above and beyond to install the best roofing system we can.

5. Proper valley installation:

We are constantly fixing old roofs all over the Memphis area. We have found over the years that valleys prematurely fail due to excessive water and debris but also from poor installation.

Valleys are one of the areas of roofing that takes careful planning and time to install correctly. Valleys are a prime leak area, so it’s important to be precise during installation. All of our installers are properly trained by the manufacturers to install exactly to their standards.

6. Flashing installation:

Flashing is the most often used word in the roofing world. Wherever surfaces intersect on a roof, there is a chance of water seepage. Flashing is highly recommended for waterproofing these critical areas of your roof.

Flashing helps direct the flow of water around openings. Most people reuse old flashing and do not take the proper steps to make sure that it is reusable. We replaced all bad flashings on every new roofing system.

7. Ventilation/Ridge Cap:

Proper ventilation is critical for helping to reduce hot and moist air in your attic space that can damage your possessions, increase your energy costs, and potentially reduce the longevity of your roofing system.

Installing ridge vents requires working on some of the highest parts of your roof—the ridges. At Pinnacle Roofing, we always utilize proper safety equipment to prevent falls or injury when installing ridge vents on your roof.

8. Cleanliness of the job site:

As professional roofing contractors, we develop specialized techniques and equipment for keeping the job site clean. Some of the things we do to ensure everything goes smoothly is shelter and protect bushes and plants that might be affected by material dropping from the roof, and to use a tarp to catch as much material as possible.

The last thing we do is run a magnet over the ‘drop zone’ to collect any nails that might have escaped. We strive to leave every place a little better than we found it.

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