DIY Roof Replacement vs Professional Roof Replacement

Remember when you wouldn’t even consider doing a car repair, much less a roof repair, yourself? Before the Do-It-Yourself trend gained traction for saving time, money, and materials, any job concerning your roof was a “big job” and required a professional to complete. At Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration, we still think all roofing matters are “big,” and we are proud to be the professionals you trust when you need to bring in the “big guns.” 

When it comes to complicated roof sloping, major leaks and damage to sublayers, or the need for a total roof replacement, it could cost you more in time and money to go at it alone. Don’t risk the costs or your blood, sweat, and tears. Let our locally-owned and family-operated team of professionals put your mind and roof at ease!

But what about when you don’t need a whole crew and all those specialty tools? For some simple repairs like replacing a few damaged or missing shingles or even minor leaks with prominent entry spots, doing the job yourself may actually save you some time and money. Just make sure you take all necessary precautions and safety measures along the way. Let’s look at what to expect with each option to see which will work best for your job!

What to Expect from a DIY Roof Replacement

Before starting that roof repair, make sure you do some thorough research on what your specific endeavor will require. There is a YouTube instruction video for just about everything, and many companies even offer educational video content that can be very helpful. Take note of the specific tools or equipment used and whether or not you have those items. Give yourself plenty of extra allotted time and make safety your top priority. Making sure to do plenty of research and taking the necessary precautions will give your roof repair the best chance at longevity and keep you safe. 

Save Time and Money

If you already have a good collection of basic tools, have some leftover shingles from a previous repair or roof replacement, and some foundational building knowledge, you’ll just need to spare a little time to fix that shingle that blew off in the last storm. Without having to schedule the repair on a company’s books, you can get it taken care of when it’s convenient for your busy schedule. Simple repairs can quickly and safely be a weekend DIY project with great success for many homeowners. 

The Downside to Roofing DIY Projects

There is no doubt that as a homeowner, you can take care of whatever is necessary to ensure your home’s longevity and ability to protect your family. Don’t risk your own safety attempting to take on a too big or too complicated job. Many people set out confident in their skills until they realize their roof slope is a bit more intimidating than it seemed from the safety of the flat floor below. Even if the slope is not so daunting, diving into a major replacement can become exhausting and isn’t something you can just put to the side to finish another day. 

From having the necessary tools and safety equipment to having a crew of experts to help with the labor division, some projects can hide costs you didn’t factor in and may not be financial.

DIY Roof Replacement vs Professional Roof Replacement

Roofing Repairs to Tackle on Your Own

Often, when a roof is installed or replaced by a professional, homeowners can use a small amount of excess shingle or roofing material left over for more minor repairs later. These repairs are a relatively typical and straightforward DIY project for homeowners, with practically every type of material and process detailed in a how-to video online. But, what other DIY-roof work could you be doing to save yourself some time and money while also ensuring that protection you expect from your roof for as long as possible?

It is not unusual to think that once your roof is up, it’s good, but to maintain that assurance, you need to maintain your roof, too. Lost or damaged shingles can be unsightly, but they can also create small leaks that can damage your supporting beams and batten in your attic. Check for signs of leaks in your attic and make sure to repair both inside and outside to keep it from happening again or doing more damage. And, for those with a metal roof, checking and securing the screws and fasteners after heavy winds and intense storms can help prevent those tiny leaks that cause much more significant problems over time.

One of the most overlooked parts of maintaining your roof is your gutters. The efficiency of the channels to remove the water that runs off your roof can save you much hassle and money in unnecessary repairs in the long run.

What to Expect from a Professional Roof Replacement

From multi-faceted inspections and thorough and timely roof repairs of all kinds to 24-hour emergency service and full installations that include removing your old roof and cleaning up the group around your home of debris, our caring and professional team can help keep your protection feeling like the home you’ve made!

Experience and Know-How

When you hire Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration professionals, you can rest assured that we have the industry experience matched with the training and knowledge of the products, regulations, and the area to complete the job to satisfaction and code. This experience allows you to spend your time doing what you need while we timely and efficiently repair your protection overhead without threat to your yard or family below. 

Insurance and Warranties

Whether you need minor repairs or a total roof replacement, choosing a roofing contractor you can trust is crucial. They should have proper worker’s compensation and liability insurance to cover any unexpected obstacles or incidents. Beware of the door-to-door contractors that show up after a big storm. While they may have an alluring price point, they might come with some hidden costs that can get out of control. 

The Downside of Professional Roofing Projects

While we wouldn’t exactly call the costs of our decades of education, experience, and skills a downside, some homeowners can feel the repair or replacement by professionals to be far more costly than they expect. And, as with most companies you will hire for a home repair, you will often need to make some scheduling arrangements which could come with a waiting period. 

Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration is a full-service roofing contractor with 24-hour emergency roofing services available to all of our customers. Our Memphis roof team has vast experience in the field and can perform any emergency repair, from fixing a leaking roof to providing a complete roof replacement.

DIY Roof Replacement vs Professional Roof Replacement

Whether the job is big or small, Pinnacle Roofing and Restoration are your professionals to call.

Our team of experts focuses on providing the highest quality roofing and restoration services and products in Memphis and throughout the Mid-South. We care about your home, property, and the quality of our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction. Whether you need a few simple roof repairs done, have an emergency that requires immediate care, or need an entire roof replacement, Pinnacle’s roofing and restoration pros are a perfect match! For a FREE estimate, get in touch with us today.