Don’t Let Ice Damming Ruin Your Memphis Roof

With the mild temperatures that we’ve been having recently, it’s hard to believe that a blustery winter day is in the forecast for Memphis and the Mid- South.

However, living in this area we know all too well that a mild start to the winter weather doesn’t guarantee a mild season. With winters that start such as this one, we’ve unfortunately seen a common misconception that winterizing the home or checking the health of your roof isn’t necessary. This failure to prepare for severe weather can lead to your home being at major risk for damage in the occurrence of severe weather and in need of emergency roofing services.

In late winter, when Memphis is its coldest, we’ve often seen occurrences of ice damming.

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The result is water that backs up behind the dam that can result in leaking and damage to walls, ceilings and insulation.

The damming of water is caused by different temperatures and different levels of snow on the roof in the melting process, and more frequently from a draft of airflow coming from inside the home.

Unfortunately, in the instance of ice damming, severe damage can put your roof in despair, and lead to emergency repairs that will not only put a damper on your winter but can damage infrastructure inside your home.

Protecting Your Home from Ice Damming

While we’re preparing for the severe weather that could pose a threat to Memphis, there are a few things you can do to ensure that ice damming is minimized for your roof.

Seal your ceilings

The heat in your home provides warm relief from the outside temperatures, but keeping it inside your home is important. While you’re checking windows and doors for drafts, check your attic and ceilings. Sealing any drafts will not only be protecting cold air from coming in, but from warm air escaping, which is important in preventing ice damming.


If you found any drafts, consider packing in some extra insulation in those spaces for an additional barrier.

Clear your gutters

Although this is probably a routine fixture in your winterizing routine, the buildup of leaves and debris is a major factor in stopping up gutters and can prevent the flow of the melted snow.

In the Event of Ice Damming

Remove snow from your roof

Using a rake or broom, lightly sweep excess snow off your roof. This will allow better flow for the melting ice and snow, and will keep your gutters from becoming overwhelmed.

Stop or Slow Water Flowing into your home

If you notice water flowing into your home, create a channel on the ice dam, that allows water to flow quicker off the roof. The quicker the water can be funneled out of the dam, the quicker any leaks will stop. If necessary, use warm water to create this channel.

Call Memphis Roofing Specialists

If you’re not sure if ice damming is a concern in your home, or if you’ve noticed drafts that could cause severe damage, give our roofing specialists a call. Our certified roofing experts will access your roof and help you create a barrier that will keep the severe weather out, no matter when it hits.

Of course, if the winter comes sooner rather than later and you find yourself in immediate need, we’re always available for emergency roofing services and will help you protect your home from all of the elements. Fill out our online form, or contact 901-438-5084.