The Importance Of Regular Roof inspections

As homeowners, it can sometimes feel like we have a neverending list of items we need to check up on yearly to ensure everything remains in working order. From preventing pipes from freezing during the coldest winter weather to keeping your lawn looking lush and green in the middle of the hottest Memphis summer, owning a home can be a lot of work!

When maintaining your home, it’s often easy to overlook your roof, since it’s far above your head and “out of sight, out of mind.” Many people barely notice their roof as long as it isn’t leaking. But scheduling regular roof inspections can actually save you from having to make costly repairs down the road. In the same way, you take your car in for regular oil changes to keep it running smoothly, regular roof inspections should be seen as an integral part of your home maintenance routine.

If you’re paying attention to the shape your roof is in, you can often catch damages early enough that any roofing repairs needed will be low cost and relatively easy to handle. However, if the damage goes unnoticed and unattended over a long period of time, you could end up needing extensive – and expensive! – repairs, or even face replacing the entire roofing system.

Keep reading to learn more about why regular inspections by a trusted team of roofing contractors like Pinnacle Roofing is important, as well as what we’ll be looking out for when it comes to your roof.

Young handyman standing on high ladder and measuring roof with tape

The inspection process

The purpose of regular roof inspections is for us to find any potential problems as well as gauge the remaining life of your roof. We look at the roof angle to assess how long it takes for water to evaporate, walk the roof and look for any weakened areas that would indicate rot or leaks, and inspect individual shingles. We’ll also examine how well the materials used to build your roof have held up, based on when it was constructed, the last replacement, and the nature of deterioration shown.

Common roof issues

Here in Memphis, we see a lot of stormy weather with high winds, and this is one of the biggest causes of roof damage in the Mid-South. Wind can damage your roof over time as it pulls at your shingles, sometimes even ripping them off. Strong winds can also cause overhanging branches to scratch at your roof, which can lead to deeper damages over time. Wind isn’t the only culprit, however! There are several ways your roof can sustain damage.

When an expert contractor from our Pinnacle Roofing team inspects your roof, they’ll be on the lookout for things like

  •     Loose, broken or missing roofing material
  •     Blistered, curling, or cracking shingles or tiles
  •     Areas where large numbers of shingles are missing
  •     Shingle granules in the rain gutters
  •     Sagging between rafters or near ridges
  •     Broken or loose shingles near the ridge and hip lines
  •     Rusty metal where the house meets the roof
  •     Loose, missing or corroded flashing
  •     Proper ventilation to allow the roof to breathe
  •     Previously unnoticed hail damage
  •     Areas of weakness
  •     Nails that are loose or popping out
  •     Damaged gutters
  •     Dry rot
  •     Chimney sealing damages

Young man inspecting the roof of an old house standing on a ladderConsiderations before repairs

If your inspection with Pinnacle Roofing indicates the need for roof repairs, it’s a good idea to also have your chimney inspected before beginning any maintenance. This will allow us to coordinate with the mason of your choice, so we can work together instead of getting in each other’s way!

Scheduling your annual inspection

As experienced roofing contractors, we recommend you schedule a certified roofing inspection every one to two years. This will allow you to get the most out of your roof, and you can enjoy the certainty that comes with knowing it’s being well looked after. Because there’s such a variety of factors that can affect the condition of your home’s roof, you may need to be flexible on when inspections are scheduled in order to account for things like weather damage, the direction of the sun, and insulation issues.

Regular roof inspections in Memphis with Pinnacle Roofing

As experienced roofing contractors who are locally owned and operated, you can trust us to provide you with an honest inspection. We know what issues to look for, how to catch potential problems early, and the best way to carry out repairs to your roof should they be needed. To book a free evaluation, give us a call or click here for more information. We’re here to help keep a roof over your head for many years to come!