Memphis Emergency Roof Repair

No one wants to find themselves in need of Emergency Roof Repair. If you do, Pinnacle Roofing in Memphis offers 24/7 emergency roofing services to help minimize damages and help your house get back to feeling like a home. Our experienced team is trained to efficiently fix everything from a leaky roof to a full roof replacement. No matter what the emergency, we can help take the stress away.

Types of Memphis Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roofing Inspection: The first step in Memphis emergency roof repair is a roof inspection. We’ll check closely for problems with your shingles, roof deck, flashings, and anything else related to your roof that could have been damaged in the emergency event you’re concerned about. Sometimes the needed repair is obvious, while other times it will be harder for the Pinnacle Roofing team to determine the problem and figure out the best solution. If the damage is caused by a storm, we’ll wait until the storm is over and it’s safe to

Emergency Tarping: Emergency tarping is a temporary solution that is meant to minimize additional damage to your home or business. It is primarily used during bad weather when we aren’t able to immediately repair your roof, but don’t want hail, snow, or rain to continue to damage the inside of your home. Even if the damage seems insignificant, it could allow water to seep into your home and cause mold, damaged insulation, and even damage the structure of your home, eventually causing your framing to collapse.

If you are planning on filing an insurance claim, they will expect you to take temporary emergency measures such as emergency tarping to make sure that there’s no unnecessary additional damage. Some insurance plans require it. Memphis often has damaging weather, so the team at Pinnacle Roofing is always prepared to step in to prevent damage.

Leak Repair: There are lots of things that can cause a puncture in your roof. During a storm, shingles could fly off your roof or loose tree limbs could pierce the surface of your roof as they travel at high speeds. Wild animals can also burrow and chew whole in your roof, allowing water to leak in. The team at Pinnacle Roofing will find the sources of the leaks and determine the best way to fix the leak.

Reroofing: Reroofing is the process of installing an additional layer of shingles over the existing on. This can solve many roof damage problems without the expense of completely replacing your roof. While this isn’t a solution for everyone, when it is an option it can save you time and money on your Memphis emergency roofing repair. Reroofing is a good option when your roof has minor damage caused by age. If you are only noticing minor leaks without major water damage, soggy or missing shingles, or a large amount of moss or mildew. If there is serious damage to the roof deck or shingles, or if there is significant water damage or mildew.

If you ever experience any kind of roofing emergency, don’t forget the Pinnacle Roofing in Memphis is ready and able to help you. If you have any other roofing needs, contact us today to receive a quote.