Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofer

If you are starting the process of finding someone to fix or replace your roof, then there are a few things you should know. A roof is a huge investment and is something you want to be done as safely and professionally as possible. That’s why at Pinnacle Roofing, we want to help you find the best roofers for the job with this list of the best questions to ask.

If you live in the Mid-South, then you are welcome to give our team a call to answer these same questions. We will be happy to provide you with this information, as we have for clients over many, many years. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, and check out this list to see what you should know about a roofer before you hire them. 

Name, Address, and How Long You’ve Been in Business

It’s amazing how many scams are out there on the internet these days. That includes roofing businesses! One of the best ways to avoid getting tangled with the wrong people is to verify their existence online. Ask for their full business name, their physical address, and how long they have been around. This will help you as you search for them, to know for sure that they exist and have been serving customers. 

Any reputable roofing business should have a physical address that you can verify online, social media sites, websites, and more. Check out their Google Business page and look for reviews. This will help you get an idea of how long they have been around, and if others have had good experiences working with them!

Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

Finalizing an estimate and having it written down can help save you a lot of money in the long haul. You don’t want to make a wishy-washy commitment with someone who then adds tons of unforeseen extra costs to your bill by the end of the contract. Instead, have them do a thorough estimate, and keep up with things on your end by keeping track of damage, writing down the size of the roof, and project materials.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Many roofers offer warranties along with their work, typically for a year. Some others, however, offer longer warranty packages with different perks. It’s worth asking your roofing company what types of warranties they provide, and see which ones might be the best fit for your needs and roof. 

What About Insurance and Licenses?

Insurance is a really important factor to keep everyone safe. You don’t want to be liable for an accident on your property or for damages to your house and roof. Mistakes and accidents happen, but it should be up to the roofing company to cover the workman’s comp and other insurance needs to keep everyone protected. 

Another factor that not all homeowners know about is licenses. Depending on your region, it is sometimes necessary for professionals to have licenses to do building work. Keeping things up to code and according to city and state requirements might mean even more licensing. Ask your roofers what kind of licenses they are responsible for maintaining. 

How Will You Ensure That the Project Is On Time?

There is almost nothing worse than a building or home repair that stretched out for weeks or  months beyond the projected timeline. This can be majorly disruptive to your home or business and is something that should be preventable. Roofing experts know how to predict repair and installation times, and should budget for delays. Be sure to ask your roofing company how they plan to stay on schedule!

How Will You Protect My Lawn?

When you have a big project going on outside of your house, sometimes it’s your law that can unintentionally take a beating. However, with a professional crew of roofers, you shouldn’t have to worry. It’s a good idea to ask your roofing team how they plan to take care of your lawn with the equipment and workers on site. This might mean placing material on a sidewalk instead of on your grass and having specific footpath areas to prevent people from stepping on your landscaping. When the project is done, your lawn should look the same as it did before they arrived!

What Will You Do With Leftover Material?

The last thing you will want to worry about when the job is over is leftover materials sitting on your lawn or porch. This is just sloppy work, and you don’t want to risk having to deal with all of that on your own. Be sure to ask your roofers what their plans are at the end of the project, and how they intend to remove materials. Include this in your contract and estimate with them, to keep your home safe and avoid a headache for you! 

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofer

Talk to Roofers You Can Trust!

At Pinnacle Roofing, we pride ourselves in our trustworthy business practices! Please give us a call to ask us any or all of these questions, and we encourage you to do so. We are a local business that cares about doing the best work possible for our clients, and we want you to feel confident throughout every step of the process. If you are in the Mid-South, give us a call to come set up an estimate for your roof!