Repairing Your Metal Roof

A metal roof is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Metal is famous for how cost-effective and long-lasting it is, not to mention energy-efficient, stylish, and suitable for every climate! And while we love singing the praises of a metal roof to our clients, the truth is, even a metal roof isn’t foolproof. 

Most damage to metal roofs comes from human error during installation. When a screw or fastener isn’t installed correctly, it can sometimes back out of the metal, leaving space for a hole and a leak. If there is damage due to environmental factors like severe weather and tree damage, that’s a different story, and your repair will depend on the extent of the damage. 

Pinnacle Roofing in Memphis knows all about these big and small repairs, but for now we are going to focus on the small leaks, and give you a few possible solutions.  While those leaks might seem insignificant at first, they can cause real problems to your home like mold and rot when left untreated. 

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

I’m sure you’ve heard this old adage before, but it’s certainly true when it comes to roofing. Keeping a close eye on the status of your metal roof is one of the best ways to prevent a tiny hole from becoming a huge problem. Roof inspections don’t only need to happen when a home is being bought or sold. 

If you suspect there could be a problem with your roof, go ahead and give Pinnacle Roofing a call now. We love it when we are able to catch something before it even starts, saving you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

Have the Screws Replaced

Because most metal roof leaks are caused by faulty screws and fasteners, having those replaced might be the simple fix you are looking for. The problem with this option is that faulty screws can be hard to find and might lead to a lot of tedious work with no real solutions. We don’t recommend this as the best choice, though it is an option if necessary.

Replace Your Metal Roof

Depending on how old your roof is, the best move might be to simply skip the fix altogether and get a new roof. Especially if your current roof has multiple holes that are causing damage, the cost of replacing the roof might very well be worth it to avoid other frustrating and expensive repairs due to weather damage. 

Depending on the metal, and the labor involved, adding a new roof might run you $15-$20 per square foot of metal roofing. Keep that in mind as you estimate your costs and the importance of repair. And be sure to give us a call to verify a quote.

There are other options, so keep on scrolling!

Repairing Your Metal Roof

Install a Roof Coating System or Spray Foam Protection

Instead of trying to replace or repair it, a roof coating system is a great option. Roof coating is applied by spraying or rolling the silicone roof coating over the roof. You will pay based on how thick the coating is, and you can go up to a 20-year warranty with 30 millimeters of coating. It should seal any cracks or holes in your roof, and protect it from further damage.

In order to install this coating, the roof would need to be prepped by our team. We will need to clean it, check all the metal pieces, and then test it to ensure that the coating works on the metal. After the roof coating is done, your results should be a roof that continues to sustainably keep your home safe and leak-free for years to come! Give us a call to learn more and see how much the cost might be.

Another similar choice is spray foam. For a few reasons, spray foam works even more efficiently than a roof coating. Spray foam seals cracks and protect your roof from further damage, and it also works as a form of insulation. Many people have reported that they earned back the cost of the treatment in energy savings and reduced utility costs. Though upfront, spray foam is the more expensive option over roof coating treatment.

Ultimately, all of these choices are good ones, and your decision should be based on your budget and your ability to invest in the value of your home now and in the future. 

Repairing Your Metal Roof

24-Hour Emergency Services If You Need Us

Don’t forget that no matter what happens to your metal roof, our team at Pinnacle Roofing is available 24/7 to help you out. Whether it be weather damage or a surprise leak over the weekend, you can get in touch with our crew and we can get someone out to you ASAP. 

We Are Your Memphis Roofing Crew!

We hope it was helpful to learn a bit more about how to handle issues with a metal roof! At Pinnacle Roofing, we are Memphis’s roofing crew and we can help just about everyone, commercial or residential, with your roofing needs. We don’t only work on metal roofs, but with shingles and roofs of all kinds. Keep us in mind, and don’t hesitate to give us a call!