What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

New roof installation projects can be an exciting experience for homeowners, but there are some things homeowners should be aware of before starting the installation process that requires expert knowledge and thorough preparations. Remember, when roofers start removing your old roof, your home becomes a work zone, and a lot can happen as roof installation work continues. 

Here at Pinnacle Roofing, information and preparation are key components to successful projects. We want to help you get all the information you need, so you know what to expect and how to adequately prepare for the roof installation before the arrival of the roofers.

Before Your Roof Installation 

Before you start, some prep work must be done a day or two before the roofers arrive. Clear out any items in the attic. If not possible, make sure to cover them up. Use tarps to cover plants around the walls outside of your house. This makes cleaning up the site faster and more thorough. Cut your grass: It’s much easier to find leftover debris and nails in short grass. Cutting your grass will help the roofers find any hidden nails and tools that may have dropped during construction.

Remove all valuables, decorations, and fixtures that are not permanently secured in the wall. Move your vehicles to a safe distance and secure garage doors. Ensure that children and pets are at a safe distance away from the working zone. Remove landscaping lights, garden pots, and other outdoor valuables.

A homeowner should ensure that everything is in good order so that the work runs efficiently and seamlessly. Check to ensure enough garbage containers are placed close to the home as possible.

Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

The roofers won’t be inside your home, so why do you need to prepare your home for their arrival? Well, installing a brand-new roof actually vibrates the whole building. Replacing roof shingles involves a whole lot of nailing directly into the structure of your home. There’s no long-term damage, but things can get messy in the short term. Here’s what you need to do:

Preparing for Material Delivery

Many of your roofing supplies will be transported to your property by trucks. Large dumpsters are also required to haul debris and old roof shingles to a safe disposal site. That creates high traffic on your driveway. As such, make sure you explicitly explain your wants and expectations to your prospective roofing contractors. You know your home better, and your instruction is key in ensuring safe deliveries and unloading. You may also have to clear your driveway and remove your vehicles, as the roofers will need quick access to the immediate perimeter of your home throughout the roof replacement project.

The roofers will do all the work, including setting up roof jacks with large boards to offer landing platforms for workers and falling shingles. They will also put safety harnesses and straps in place to prevent falling objects because of weak points on the roof.

What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

If You Have A Garage 

If your garage is built-in into the house and roofers will replace its roof, too, everything in it needs extra protection. Often garages don’t have insulation, which normally would stop dust and shingle granules from dropping through the roof. Those granules have the potential to scratch paint. So, you should cover your precious items in the garage with a tarp. This might include car or motorcycle parts, collectibles, tools, etc.

Preparing For The Job

Check your electrical outlet: Your roofing professionals might need to use powered equipment on your roof, so they’ll need access to an outdoor electrical outlet. If you have one, make sure it works. If you don’t, plan to leave a door or window open near an outlet that the roofing professional can use.

Preparing Your Neighbors

Talk to your neighbors: While you’re outside preparing, take the time to talk to your neighbors, especially your direct neighbors, about your roof replacement. If you warn them ahead of time about the noise, disturbance and the possibility of shingles or nails flying into their yard, they will be a lot more cooperative on the day of your roof replacement. Also, ask them if they would unlock their gates for the roofing team. If they do, then a roofer can grab any stray shingles they spot in the neighbor’s yard. Further, if their property is very close, they may also want to cover their plants, and the roofers may need to board up their windows. If you happen to share a driveway, your neighbor will need to park their car on the street too.

After Installation

Once the contractors complete your roof replacement, the roofing professionals should clean up after themselves. Once they’ve done so, your roofing team should show you the new roof to ensure you’re happy with their workmanship. After they’re gone, if you find anything unusual, you should feel comfortable calling them about fixing it. Sometimes, additional work is needed to complete a roof renovation. It’s possible that changing weather conditions knocked a shingle loose before it could seal, or someone forgot to place that last ridge cap shingle. Honest mistakes happen, and professional roofers should be eager to fix them.

With all of the equipment that has been in and out of your driveway, there’s a chance someone scuffed your grass, marked your driveway or dripped some oil. If you notify the roofing professionals about the problem right away, they should be happy to make it right.

Don’t forget to fulfill your end of the bargain. If you like the contractor’s work, remember that they appreciate quick payment. Hopefully, you’ll gain more than a roof replacement; you’ll gain a relationship with a roofer you trust. You’ll find that this relationship will be valuable for as long as you own a home.

What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

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