What to Expect: Emergency Roofing Service for Your Home

What happens if I need emergency roof repair?

Our homes are our pride and joy. It’s our safe-haven, a place to relax and let all guards down. So when you encounter a roofing emergency, it can leave you feeling unsettled and worried. When your home experiences a roofing emergency, repairs cannot wait. Storms with hail activity, heavy rains or high winds can all damage a roof and in an instant compromise your home. Additional causes of roof damage are fires or even wild animals.

Any damage to a roof that allows elements like rain to permeate through to the inside qualifies as a roofing emergency. Left unattended, permanent damage to the structure of your home can occur. If you experience damage to your roof, your first line of defense is to get the hole covered, to lessen the impact of water damage.

When you contact our Memphis emergency roofers, we’ll help you cover the hole, likely through the use of a heavy tarp. This tarp will help cover the damaged area to create a temporary, waterproof fix and minimize internal damage while we begin the process of roof repair.

After the Storm

Once the damage is over, it’s important that your roof is properly inspected for damage. This should be done by a licensed roofing company, in coordinance with your home insurance company. This will help you fully understand what is in repair, and help minimize your total cost. A quality roofing company will gladly allow time for you to consider all of your options, and should be able to make recommendations on a permanent fix.

If damage is caused by fire, not only will the roof need repaired but it’s possible the structural integrity of the home may need attention as well, and we’ll work closely and efficiently with other home contractors to minimize wait time, and hassle for you.

New Roof Memphis

Once you’ve gotten a system in place, and have made the decision to repair your damaged roof, it’s time for us to get to work. Quickly working to repair everything from underlayment to flashings and gutters. We’ll ensure your eaves and gables are structurally sound and the the overall repair fits in with your existing home’s look.

Before long your home will be back to normal, and you’ll be able to move on from what seems like a devastating home.

We’re Here to Help

If you are worried the next big storm in Memphis might cause major roof damage, it’s time to have your roof evaluated; don’t wait until your roof is beyond repair. Our team of Memphis roofing experts provide free evaluations and can help you budget and plan out your roof improvement options. To learn more, fill out the free evaluation form below, or call our team at (901)438-5084.